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Up-Do's For That Special Evening

Your hair for any elegant event whether dinner at a fine restaurant or this year's prom, should reflect sleek sophistication. The beautiful updos, are very fashionable and amazingly simple to create.

A Dressed Up French Roll

Dress up a simple french twist with long curls. The top hair on this style is curled tightly and allowed to drape over the french roll.

Wedding Style and Prom

If you are more classy than sassy, more mild than wild, than you'll love classic prom updos. These styles also work great for wedding or any formal occasion. Women of all ages can get away with these looks. It does help if your hair is medium to long.

A Simple Twist

The twist is the basis of many updos. Grab all of the long hair into a ponytail at the upper portion of the back of your head. Slide your grip out slightly (about one half to one inch) and, twisting, turn the hair over to whichever side is comfortable to you. Slide long bobby pins through the folded portion of the twist to secure it to the back of your head.