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hair highlights

hair highlights

hair highlights

I specialize in professional hair color, and I am a woman who truly loves her work. I will work with you to find a color that you will love. All kinds of hair color are available - from highlights to ultra-funky color.

Your hair will look better than you have ever imagined!

Will high-lighting or low-lighting damage my hair?

No. These days, colorists often use semi-permanent vegetable dyes so there's no damage to hair. Even when permanent colors are used, the process plumps up the hair cuticle so it instantly looks thicker and fuller. In any event, you should always add a conditioner to help maintain the color and texture.

How much can I expect to pay?

The cost depends upon a number of factors, such as how many highlights or lowlights you have (you can either get a 'full head' or a 'half head'), the length of your hair, and the experience of the colorist. Since he or she will apply multiple shades, it's fairly labor- intensive. For a full head, expect to pay $60 and up. Call for a free consultation today!

How often will I need to have a top-up?

It will depend a lot on the length and style of your hair and the effect you're trying to achieve. Obviously, a short, cropped style will show regrowth much faster so you'll need a top-up every six to 12 weeks. A longer, less layered style need only be touched up four times a year.