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hair extension

UltraTress for ultimate hair extensions

Hair not long enough, not thick enough, or just not enough?

Look at what a little UltraTress can do. It is not an ordinary hair extension. UltraTress is hair progression. So, it can do things hair extension can not. Ask me about this adventure!!!
Your fantasy hair becomes you.. with UltraTress 100% Human Hair.

hair extensions
hair extensions
hair extensions
hair extensions

UltraTress II

With UltraTress II your hair speaks volumes, length, texture, color, styling and long lasting flexibility. They available in multiple textures for creating your unique fashion and style. UltraTress II hair is long lasting and low maintenance.


With hair like UltraStrands, it does not matter what else you are wearing.... UltraStrands give you that beautiful full hair that gets noticed no matter what you are wearing. You will look a special occasion every day of the week! UltraStrands can take you from prom night to college graduation, from the office, to a night on the town, with a singularly glamorous look that goes with anithing you wear! They can be easily restyle to create your personal fashion statement.


What do you get when you add UltraLinks to your own hair? Maximum hair power!!!
UltraLinks adds length, volume, texture, color and pizazz to your own personal hair equation, maximizing your hair volume to its highest power! UltraLinks are available in gorgeous natural shades and styles and textures.

See the difference yourself.... more than you'd ever imagined!